10 Bob Style Haircuts With Bangs


Bob style haircuts with bangs Of course this is not the best razor I’ve ever used but for $10 it’s a real deal. The razors, unlike many mass-market razors, look elegant and I’m not embarrassed having one of these on my bathroom counter.

As far as the shave goes, it’s not bad — a fairly typical mass-market blade type experience. Five blades with a lubrication strip on top. I found the blades to be sharp and gave me a shave comparable to a Gillette Fusion Razor.

The price certainly can’t be beat. The blades come in 4, 8, 12, or 16 packs. I you buy the 16 pack, that brings the blade down to about $1.56 per blade. Each blade will last about a week, so you get the whole week’s worth of shaves for around a buck fifty. Not bad at all.

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