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Hairstyle Images Mens You choose a braid by separating your hair into three the same sections. You should pull the center strand around the back and left. You should then pull the brand new strand in the middle around the back and to the right. Finally, you need to pull the remaining strand round the back and to the left. There are many variants of braids that you can opt for. One of the most popular is traditional braid where you have two braids (one on each side). You need to start by dividing your hair in two from the front to the back. You ought to braid each section as well as tie it with a ribbon and bow in order to complete the look.

An additional braid variation is the France braid that you make through extracting a small braid in the center of the hair to be braided. You must divide the hair into 3 small , equal strands. It is best to then tie the three strands like a standard braid. To produce a unique look you should change the French braid simply by braiding it backwards. You may also leave most of your hair straight down.

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